Innovative web3 marketing STUDIO focused on optimization.

We are a creative marketing team of experts always trying to stay at the first position of the race. We are helping projects with our strong network and a disruptive growth strategy approach.



Quality over quantity is what defines us

We focus on working with the right persons and push the innovation. Web3 start to be saturated by opportunists and quick profit makers.

Our approach is focus on ROI, organic growth and we are specialized in building superfan long term community. We are here to connect you with the trustworthy leaders of the market.



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Why our approach is different?

Our team has a track record of building and delivering successful projects with small teams of experts and optimized resources.

Today, we collaborate with some of the most prominent players in the web3 market, offering tailored strategies for a range of projects, including cryptocurrencies, Dapps, tokens, DAOs, NFTs, ICOs, and IDOs.

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We have been involved in the growth and development of Zealy - formerly Crew3 - for some time now, as beta testers and team members from day one. We deeply understand the platform's potential. Zealy is a reliable platform, with 2,000,000 monthly users and clients such as Michelin, ZKsync, LVMH and Polygon.

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The best ID and age verification for Web3. Trusted by Polygon, Qubic, and Fantom. We have optimized and managed their entire support system. Our work with Zealy and QuestN for growth hacking, combined with on-chain quests integration, has delivered exceptional results.

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This next-gen meme token incubated by Entangle with top tiers KOLs investors like Zeneca, Alex Krüger, Dingaling, Zoran Kole, & Crypto Amsterdam. We've led the strategy and management of the entire WL system, a four-month Zealy management approach for an impactful community growth with high level engagement.

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This project is the forefront Leverage Layer of restaked ETH. Immediately after raising 2.5 million in seed, they needed fast social media growth with strong traction. We orchestrated a cross-growth hacking strategy involving Zealy, Galxe, QuestN, swiftly achieving our targets and generating a solid organic traction for the project.

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Our team achieved a major success by launching and managing the Zealy sprint for Starknet, which attracted 20,000 participants in just a few days. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to create a seamless and engaging experience that generated a high level of interest and participation.

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We orchestrated innovative and interactive Zealy sprints for "Cross the Ages" resulting in impressive achievements. Over 5000 members actively participated, claiming a total of 150,000 quests, and successfully introducing a substantial influx of new players to the game.

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I have been extremely impressed with the services provided by Jocelyn and his team. They have a deep understanding of the web3 ecosystem and know exactly how to create effective marketing strategies to help businesses succeed. I highly recommend P1 to anyone looking for a top notch web3 marketing agency."

Icham Benallal

Director at Kwik.com


As a client of P1, I can attest to their expertise as web3 marketing specialists. They bring a unique blend of innovation and creativity to their marketing strategies, which has helped take our project to the next level. Their deep knowledge of the web3 ecosystem has proven invaluable in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. I highly recommend P1 to any business looking for a partner that is at the forefront of web3 marketing innovation."

Pedro Verdades

CMO at YAY ecosystem